Boka Buka Restaurant

Hi guys! This time I will review a cozy and homey French Restaurant, located at PIM Street Gallery. It's called BOKA BUKA Restaurant. That was my first time visiting PIM Street Gallery and there's lot of nice restaurant, included BOKA BUKA. Here are the photos of the restaurant ;)

Chic and simple 
Love the window mirror!
It's a nice motorcycle, isn't it?
So cozy and homey
One of my favorite spot here
Nice interior reflects good atmosphere
Huge light-bulb! So unique

Here are the mouth-watering dishes from BOKA BUKA :

Home-made Fresh Ginger Juice. Welcome drink from BOKA BUKA. It's their signature drink. It was very strong and I couldn't drink it all. But believe me, it's good for you who like a fresh ginger juice with strong taste and maybe if you have a sore throat or cough, it will be nice. 

Escargots de Bourgogne. The famous twelve baked ESCARGOTS with melted butter and parsley, served with breads and garlic butter. Best ESCARGOTS in town! It tastes so so good! I really need a new vocabulary to describe it, coz it's more than 'delicious'. I'm definitely sure that the rumors are true. I can tell you by showing this photo. You gotta prove them by yourself! FYI, BOKA BUKA is well-known for their superb-delish ESCARGOTS, they use only high quality imported ESCARGOTS so don't hesitate to try.

JiF even slept under the plate because he was so drooling by seeing and smelling these super duper delicious and yummy ESCARGOTS. He said awww I really want to eat all of these by myself! :9

Creamy Chicken Mushroom in Crepes. The first main course I tried. Crepes, filled with creamy and cooked-well chicken fillet and mushroom. It was creamy, but it didn't make me nauseated at all. This good point make this dish perfect. I like this so much!

Filet de Beouf. Tenderloin beef fillet with mushroom sauce, served with sauteed vegetables and potato gratin. The tenderloin was tender and juicy, cooked perfectly, combined with delicious mushroom sauce. I love it so damn much!!! One of the best steak I ever had in Jakarta.

Apple Crumble. This yummy apple crumble served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate wafer stick. The apple was fresh and not too sour for me. It's perfect to end your lunch or dinner with this dessert.

Iced Ginger Juice and Iced Lemon Grass. This ginger juice is the same with the welcome drink, but with bigger glass. The lemon grass is so refreshing! In my opinion, I prefer the lemon grass than the ginger juice, coz the flavor isn't too strong.

Here are the smoking areas with awesome view!

So comfortable
Nice wall decoration
The great panorama view
The huge swimming pool view
It's nice to sit here around 5pm!
My favorite spot here! Nice corner with super vintage big clock
Special thanks to BOKA BUKA - Budiendra Sisters for inviting JiF :)

I was glad to meet up with the owners of BOKA BUKA Restaurant, the Budiendra Sisters. They are very nice and friendly! BOKA BUKA is a family business restaurant since 1999, and has two branches. The first branch is located at Cipete Raya (managed by their parents) and the second branch; PIM Street Gallery- managed by the Budiendra Sisters. BOKA is from Latin Language which means "mouth" and BUKA is from Indonesian which means "open". So if you go to BOKA BUKA you have to prepare an "Opened Mouth". Their motto is "Eat Well, Laugh Often, Love Abundantly". Simply means that if you eat good food, you will laugh often and also love abundantly. 

Overall I really love this restaurant interior, everything is super vintage! Nice interior reflects good atmosphere and ambiance, doesn't it? The food are very nice, and worth to try. The service was also fast and good. I highly recommend this cozy and homey French restaurant to everyone who craves for French food with homey ambiance. I will come back for sure :9

Boka Buka Restaurant
PIM Street Gallery 2nd Fl. SG 206T
South Jakarta
Ph: 021- 2952 9714


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