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Island Creamery

Who doesn't love ice cream? No one. I believe in this quote, "You can't buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. And that's kind of the same thing." Last week, JiF was invited by Island Creamery to try some of the strangely addictive sweet and savory desserts. It's such a unique thing huh? Because sweet desserts are too mainstream, and this time Island Creamery- the first ice cream parlor from Singapore which produces freshly made premium ice cream with unique and delicious flavors since 2004, offers you "A Month of Strangely Addictive Sweet and Savory Desserts". Strange, doesn't mean it's not good, is it?

Secret Pop! Sundae. Chocolate and caramel sauces drizzled on Java Vanilla Bean ice cream, topped with caramel popcorn and candied chicken bacon bits. Chicken bacon bits on your ice cream? Why not? Yes. It may be strange, but believe me, first time seeing this I wasn't sure it was good, but after try it. Geez.. this is so good! I like ho…

Beranda Kitchen, Coffee, and Terrace Lounge

From the entrance, I was definitely sure that this place is so cozy and homey. It's called Beranda Kitchen, Coffee, and Terrace Lounge. After I entered this place, yeah I was right. The ambiance is so homey! Located opposite the famous LAB school, this place isn't hard to find. At lunch time, you'll see many cars park here. Let's go to the food :

Beranda Beef Burger (62k). Beranda's special dish; beef burger with potato wedges. It's delish, the beef was fresh, juicy and tender. The potato wedges were just okay. This dish is simple but simply delicious!

Classic Aglio Olio (60k). Yes. Classic. Aglio Olio is always be my comfort food whenever I'm confused what to order in a restaurant. And thankfully, this aglio olio is quite delicious! Not too dry and also not too oily. Even though it's classic, doesn't mean it's not good ;)

JiF is sitting comfortably on the cozy chair at Beranda~ He looks so tiny!
Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the food, the a…

PKL Praktek Kerja Lapangan Teknik Sipil

Tips Untuk Mahasiswa Sipil Sebelum PKL

Ilustrasi PKL

Bagi anda yang Kuliah Teknik Sipil atau anak SMK mungkin tidak asing lagi mendengar PKL karena PKL merupakan sebuah kegiatan yang wajib untuk dijalankan bagi setiap siswa SMK atau Mahasiswa Teknik Sipil.

Tulisan ini sengaja saya buat karena berdasarkan hasil sharing antara saya dan seorang teman Mahasiswa Teknik Sipil yang saat ini

Perencanaan Desain Bangunan Rumah Tinggal

Perencanaan Desain Bangunan Rumah Tinggal

Perencanaan Interior Rumah

Setelah kita mendapatkan data-data akurat dan lengkap dari hasil servey ( Baca : Panduan Survey Rumah Tinggal ), maka langkah selanjutnya yaitu Perencanaan Desain Bangunan Rumah.

Desain Denah Rumah Tinggal

Mendesain bangunan Rumah adalah proses membentuk Ide-ide dan seni, sehingga tercipta suatu dambar Rencana dan

Panduan Survei Membangun Rumah Tinggal

Panduan Survei Membangun Rumah Tinggal

Panduan Survey Rumah Tinggal

Langkah Awal yang harus dilakukan dalam pembangunan rumah adalah Survei. Tujuan Survei adalah mendapatkan data-data yang akurat, sehingga memudahkan perencanaan pembangunan Rumah Tinggal. Hal-hal yang termasuk dalam kegiatan Survey dalam pembangunan Rumah Tinggal adalah Survey Lokasi, Survey Material, dan Survey

Santouka - Hokkaido Ramen

Few days ago, I had lunch at a ramen house, called Santouka. It's a franchise ramen house from Hokkaido, Japan. In Japan, different city/ province has different ramen style. Anyway, I'm a fan of Japanese ramen. Then, will Santouka ramen steal my heart? ;)

Pork Gyoza (around 35k). Pork dumplings. The pork gyoza is delish! Not too dry, not too oily, and I can taste the pork well. Don't forget to dip the gyoza with the soy sauce and chilli oil. It's such a perfect complimentary for the ramen! Nyammm! :9

Shio Ramen (around 80k). Original ramen- salt flavor. Geez.. This is so so GOOD! The broth was so rich in salt flavor, but not too salty. And the noodles were cooked very well! The pork... super delicious. I couldn't find anything wrong with this bowl of happiness! DELISH! :9 Yes, Santouka ramen becomes one of the best ramen in my list. Have I made you drool with these mouth-watering photos?!
Here are the interior :

Overall, I'm in love with their tasty Hokkaido style …

Cara Menulis Tesis Teknik Sipil

Cara Menulis Tesis Teknik Sipil

Cara Menulis Tesis Teknik Sipil

Tesis Teknik Sipil merupakan syarat penting untuk meraih gelar akademik magister Teknik. Artinya bahwa ketika kita ingin mendapatkan Gelar Magister Teknik maka langkah terakhir yang harus dilakukan yaitu menyelesaikan suatu penelitian yang berhubungan dengan Konsentrasi yang anda ambil dalam Teknik Sipil. Penelitian tersebut

Lady Alice Tea Room

Lady Alice Tea Room. It's time for Tea Party!!! As we can see, now there are so many newly-opened coffee shops in Jakarta. I think it's rare to find a tea room (tea shop). And mostly high tea set is quite expensive served at some hotels/ cafes. Anyway, I bought an affordable tea party package voucher at Lady Alice Tea Room. Well, let's check this out :

Tea Party Treat's Package for 2 persons. The package includes 2 slices of homemade cakes on display, 2 pieces of macaroons, special chimney, vanilla muffin, and mini sandwich. A little taste of wonderland. I must say I love them all. The cake on the left, was pretty colorful, soft, and scrumptious. The chocolate cake was rich and tasty. The macaroons were just okay. The special chimney was so special! It's one of the Lady Alice's specialty. Perfect combination of texture, taste, and ingredients. The vanilla muffin was not bad, but it was too solid for me. The sandwich was very delicious! One of the best sandwich I…

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