The Fctry Bistro & Bar

There's a new member of Puri neighbourhood, called The Fctry Bistro & Bar. They've just opened since the beginning of June. I was curious about this place, because I saw many people posted photos in instagram about this place. The interior is designed with factory atmosphere, as you can see on their tables&chairs, high ceiling, wall decoration with machine stuffs, open kitchen, etc. Curious about their food? Scroll-down to find it out.

Complimentary bread as a welcome bread. This is totally free just so you know.

Minute Steak (90k). Thinly sliced medium rib eye steak served with creamy mushrooms and crispy potato latkes (don't know the exact name). I love how the rib eye steak is sliced thinly, it maked me easier to eat because I'm wearing braces rite now! The steak is pretty delicious, juicy and tender. The creamy mushrooms and the crispy potato latkes were okay. I couldn't find anything wrong with this, maybe just the portion isn't too big. FYI, this is their brunch menu. Well, I think they were doing great for this dish! Well done :9

Aglio Olio (80k). Classic aglio olio served with crispy bacon. Aglio olio will always has a space in my heart, it's one of my comfort food- whenever I come to a restaurant, I usually order it. In here, I find this is a great dish. The spaghetti was cooked well, not overcooked and certainly tasty. I like the crispy bacon much! In my opinion, this aglio olio's portion is more generous than the minute steak. Unfortunately, it was a little bit too oily for me. But, worth to try though :)

Chocolate Lava Cake (38k). Chocolate lava cake served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Me likey this so much! Even though the chocolate cake wasn't baked perfectly- it wasn't really melting, but the taste isn't doubtful! Believe me, this is so good as you can see on the mouth-watering photo. I just couldn't stop eat this seriously, I really enjoyed the sensation of the mix of the choco cake and the ice cream. YUM!

Anyway, here are some photos of the interior :

Overall, I enjoyed my lunch time here. They serve decent food and the place is quite nice. But one thing you have to know, I was surprised that the place is very small, not like as seen on many photos *effect of the high ceiling. Luckily, the food were great! I came here at lunch time and since the place is small, I had to be on the waiting list and it took quite long to wait. My advice, you come here on weekdays or earlier before lunch/dinner time. Because the place is newly open so many people will pay a visit to try. About the service, hmm maybe because the place isn't big they only employ some waiters- understandable but it affects the slow service for customers. They should give attention to that. The prices of the food are a little bit pricey for the area. Lastly, I think I will come back to try another dish: their famous crispy pork belly :P

The Fctry Bistro & Bar
St.Moritz Puri Indah-Electronic City Ground Floor no.98
Ph: 0878 514 83431


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