Canton Paradise (revisited)

Yeyyy I got some vouchers when I first came to here. And finally I got a chance to revisit this famous Chinese Restaurant. Okay so, if you haven't read my first review about this restaurant, here is it : Canton Paradise. I don't wanna say a lot, let's check their food! Here you go :

Crispy BBQ Honey Pork Bun (29k). 3 pcs of heavenly delish BBQ pork bun. I really love the filling: the BBQ honey pork filling was so good and also generous. The only bad thing is; it was overcooked on the bottom side of the bun. I don't really care actually, the pork bun is still has great taste and become the best pork bun so far :)

Crispy-fried Tofu with Fermented Beancurd (39k). I ordered this for appetizer, just so you know I was confused what appetizer to order because on the menu they were all so mouth-watering and finally I got to choose this. Luckily, my choice didn't disappoint me. The tofu was fried soo crispy and it was nice, and not oily. Such a nice opening!

Canton Crispy BBQ Pork (69k). Well, I'd like to tell you a little story about this. When I looked at the pork selections, I found this was so tempting. When it came to my table, it was a little bit different. And I just realized it was crispy-fried FAT PORK! Geez.. I was quite surprised and yeahh I thought it's such an unhealthy dish hahaha. But after tried it, I must say it was a BOMB! SO SO GOOD. Yes, fat pork is so good. Crispy fried- after you bite it, the oil is melting in your mouth. Feel the sensation! After finished it I felt so sinful LOL. Do you wanna try some? ;)

Crackling Pork Belly (79k). AAA I love this so much!!! I just couldn't resist to eat this! As you can see on the photo, the crispy pork belly was so attractive. The pork skin was roasted crispy and I found it's super delish. The texture was juicy and tender. Don't forget to dip the pork belly with the special sauce. SO YUM. Thanks for making my tummy happy today, pork :P See you again later!

Signature Canton Jumbo Prawn Wanton Noodle - Soup (69k). FYI, for noodle selections, you can choose between soup or dry one. This time, I chose the soup one, and this noodle dish is Canton Paradise's signature. Well, I like the noodle broth, it was so rich flavorful yet tasty. The jumbo prawn wanton was also nice- add the chilli oil to make it more delicious. And the important thing; the noodle was so thin. I really love the noodle texture, it reminds me of Hongkong's noodle. Well done! I'm lovin it :9

Overall, my second visit to here was much better. And yeah, I finally found that they're actually a good Chinese Restaurant, maybe my first bad visit was just not my lucky day at that time. I found all the dished I ordered today were all great, especially porkies hihihi. The service was also fast and friendly. About the price, it maybe pricey but it's very worth and reasonable tho. The classy and classic interior reflect nice ambiance which maked me comfort to enjoy my lunch with my family. I have to conclude that Canton Paradise is a must-visit lovely family restaurant which offers wide-variety of great Chinese food. They should open new branch soon! I'm waiting for it ;)

Canton Paradise

Mall Kelapa Gading 3 Level G #15B-C

Ph: 021- 4585 3918


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