Kiyadon Sushi Taman Anggrek Mall (new look)

Have you been to the famous Japanese Restaurant, Kiyadon Sushi at Taman Anggrek Mall? If yes, the good news for you is that Kiyadon Sushi has just finished their renovation and be ready for the new look! JiF got invited from Kiyadon to try their delicacies. And here you go for the scrumptious food :

Wakame Salad (38k). What's it? It's seaweed salad served with special sauce. I like the seaweed texture, not too dry and pretty smooth. Don't add too much sauce cause it'll be very salty. This fresh salad is pretty decent for your appetizer.

New Volcano Sushi (68k). It consists of salmon, tamago, and avocado topped with meat floss and special mayonnaise sauce. I saw on the menu that it has a Japanese doll icon which means it's Kiyadon's favorite dish. Just so you know, what make me very excited to taste this volcano sushi is that the chef was flaming the sushi, before it was brought to your table. So can you imagine the sensation of the melt-in-mouth delight? I really love the salmon, perfectly cooked and combined with the tamago-meat floss-mayo. The portion was also generous. I'm lovin it and I'm drooling now! :9

Tom & Jerry (98k). This sushi roll consists of grilled eel, cucumber, salmon, cheese, and tobiko. As you can see on the photos, there're eight pieces of the sushi- four with spicy (not too spicy) mayo sauce and the other four with original mayo sauce. I love them all! All of them were so delicious and scrumptious! FYI, Tom & Jerry is also Kiyadon's favorite dish. No doubt the taste was great. Even though maybe the price is quite pricey than other sushi roll, but it's really worth to try! The portion was also generous, look at the mayonnaise and the tobiko (flying fish roe). Well done, Kiyadon :)

Macarena (38k). Watermelon, mango, lemon and pineapple. The mix balance of the sweet and sour taste. So refreshing!

Tuty Fruity (38k). I prefer this fruit punch because it has more fruits flavors. It's freshly unique yet refreshing!

Anyway, here are the new look of Kiyadon Sushi Taman Anggrek Mall :

 Special thanks to Kiyadon Sushi - Ms. Ifanny & Mr. Alvin for inviting JiF :)

Overall, I really enjoyed my lunch at Kiyadon- all of their dishes are delish! No doubt that everyone knows Kiyadon, one of the famous Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta. When I'm writing this, I seriously miss the new volcano sushi and the tom & jerry so much. FYI, Kiyadon Sushi Taman Anggrek Mall has new look after the renovation, the interior is minimalist yet elegant, dominated with woods. The new look is much better than the old one. The lighting gets better tho. The service was also fast and all their staffs are friendly. If you're in West Jakarta area and crave for good Japanese food, don't hesitate to pay a visit to Kiyadon Sushi Taman Anggrek Mall to discover the new look! Btw, Kiyadon also has many branches in Jakarta and you can see the details below.

Kiyadon Sushi
Taman Anggrek Mall 1st Fl. #115
Ph: 021- 5699 9599 

Central Park Upper Ground #120-125
Ph: 021- 5698 5278

Emporium Pluit Ground Floor Unit 1
Ph: 021- 6667 6765

Grand Indonesia Garden District East Mall 3A #10-16
Ph: 021- 2358 0523

Pacific Place 5th Fl. Unit 41-42
Ph: 021- 5140 0616

PX Pavilion @ The St. Moritz 1st Fl.
Ph: 021- 5835 1108

Senayan City Lower Ground Floor
Ph: 021- 7278 1778


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