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Canton Paradise (revisited)

Yeyyy I got some vouchers when I first came to here. And finally I got a chance to revisit this famous Chinese Restaurant. Okay so, if you haven't read my first review about this restaurant, here is it : Canton Paradise. I don't wanna say a lot, let's check their food! Here you go :

Crispy BBQ Honey Pork Bun (29k). 3 pcs of heavenly delish BBQ pork bun. I really love the filling: the BBQ honey pork filling was so good and also generous. The only bad thing is; it was overcooked on the bottom side of the bun. I don't really care actually, the pork bun is still has great taste and become the best pork bun so far :)

Crispy-fried Tofu with Fermented Beancurd (39k). I ordered this for appetizer, just so you know I was confused what appetizer to order because on the menu they were all so mouth-watering and finally I got to choose this. Luckily, my choice didn't disappoint me. The tofu was fried soo crispy and it was nice, and not oily. Such a nice opening!

Canton Crispy BBQ …

Paradise Dynasty

Another Chinese Restaurant, member of Boga Group; Paradise Dynasty. From its logo, you can see the Xiao Long Bao icon, and I'm going to try their Xiao Long Bao, to prove their tagline! I decided to pay a visit to their first branch at Plaza Senayan. Let's go to the foood :

Steamed Shanghai Dumpling (45k). 6pcs of pork Xiao Long Bao. XLB is one of my favorite dimsum and a must-order dish when I'm craving for dimsum. And at Paradise Dynasty, I guarantee that you absolutely can find a super delicious pork XLB!!! The pork broth filling was so so tasty. And it makes you ADDICTED. I could say this is the best XLB in town. Prove them by yourself! :9

Poached Chicken in Szechuan Style (55k). Poached chicken served with chilli oil in Szechuan style. This is the first dish which came to my table. So I had to wait for the white rice and other dish. Unfortunately, the poached chicken wasn't hot anymore. Well, basically it's a common steamed chicken and covered with 'not spicy…

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Paradise Inn

They're such nice Chinese lamps, aren't they? I beg you could notice what Chinese Restaurant is this. Paradise Inn. I often go to here for having lunch/ dinner with my beloved family. Good food with good price and good place, make me happy to come back here. Just so you know, Paradise Inn is one of the famous Boga Group Restaurants. Okay so let's go to the food :

Imperial Pork Ribs (S 55k). I ordered the small portion. My fav pork dish at Paradise Inn. The pork ribs were juicy and tender, and definitely delicious. It's just really nice to enjoy the pork ribs with warm white rice.

Hot Plate Tofu with Preserved Cai Xin and Minced Pork (S 48k). Another fav dish of mine at Paradise Inn. The tofu is very soft and smooth, morever served with the special sauce, it makes the tofu more delish! FYI, the tofu are special hand-made by Paradise Inn. So it has no doubt the tofu is so nice. Anyway, on the special sauce, there're also preserved cai xin and minced pork.

Bang Bang Chic…

Prestasi Luar Biasa Ed Sheeran!

Halo Bro & Sist, loe tau Ed Sheeran kan. Ada berita terbaru nih dari musisi muda asal ingris ini. Semua pasti tau kalo doi adalah seorang musisi dengan talenta yang luar biasa. Baru - baru ini album X berhasil menempati Nomor urut 1 di chart album UK selama 6 minggu berturut - turut.

Ini adalah waktu terlama bagi seorang artis berada di posisi teratas dalam 3 tahun terakhir,  dan  paling lama bagi seorang artis solo pria berada disana selama 9 tahun terakhir ini. Prestasi luar biasa ini menjadikan "X" sebagai album terlaris tahun ini, melewati Coldplay dan Paolo Nutini!
Secara internasional, ini juga menjadi nomor 1 di Australia, New Zealand, Irlandia, dan Norwegia selama beberapa minggu terakhir.

Yang gak kalah hebatnya nih, pada hari Senin 4 Agustus 2014 video Don't  dipublikasi dan membuat publik takjub! Video clip Don't merupakan video YouTube terbesar Ed Sheeran yang mendapatkan lebih dari 700ribu views dalam waktu 24 jam. Video tersebut menjadi trend di Face…

Coffee Cup by Chérie

A tiny yet beautiful coffee shop named Coffee Cup by Chérie, stole my little heart. I found this hidden gem by buying a voucher from internet. Located at Rukan Permata Senayan, maybe not much people know this beautiful tiny coffee shop. Let me show you first the pretty details of the coffee shop :

Even though the coffee shop is super tiny, but they served great coffee and delicious pastry. Here I'll show you :

Hot Cappuccino (30k). I'm sorry I'm not a coffee addict so I couldn't describe or review it well. For me, this hot cappuccino is such a pretty good cappuccino! Not too strong and well-balanced. FYI, they use the famous "Tanamera Coffee" so the taste has no doubt.

Caramel Macchiatto (35k). Me likey this so much! I didn't add any sugar to this cup of caramel macchiatto, not bitter at all and I could taste the caramel much. The taste is memorable and I will always remember this delicious coffee! I just need one more cup :9

Mocca Cake (30k). The cake is del…

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