One of the most HAPPENING dessert place named Shirayuki, has become a new famous addition to PIK neighbourhood and also become my favorite at the moment. Before Shirayuki, it used to be a casual Japanese eatery called Kabocha which serve fusion cuisine. Few days ago, I had a chance to pay a visit to there. Well, let's check it out :

Salmon Cream Soup Spaghetti (55k). One of the must-try main course at Shirayuki. It's basically a bowl of spaghetti served with creamy soup, contains of salmon, mushroom, and fried tempura. I love this!! I like how the soup is fabulously seasoned with balance taste, and not overpowering my tastebud. From its presentation, I found it's pretty unique, when the spaghetti is served with soup in a bowl. Note : eat this when it's still warm and don't take much time to take a photo, because if it's not warm anymore, it will turn off the taste.

Cabe Ijo Bianco (41k). Ultimate interpretation of modern Indonesian-style spaghetti. Cabe ijo spaghetti served with prawns, mushroom, eggplant, and absolutely... tangy cabe ijo. This is one of the most recommended main course too at Shirayuki! Especially for those who love spicy food. Honestly, I wasn't a chili lover, but I have to say this tastes so good. Do give it a try when you're here!

Kasshoku soft cream (13k as additional ice cream). Just order another flavor of the soft cream to accompany the Fried chocolate mars bar fusion set with chocolate syrup. The kasshoku soft cream is so scrumptious and delicious! It was made from mixed Japanese nuts and its texture was very soft and comfort on your tounge. Anyway it's also nice to eat this soft cream alone.


Fried Chocolate Mars Bar Fusion set with Chocolate Syrup (39k). It's one of the variant of Fusion Series Soft Serve, which all comes with your choice of soft cream : Maccha or Kasshoku or combination of both. I'd recommend you to order the maccha and addition of kasshoku, so you can taste the original taste of both, than order the combination. I'm not really a fan of matcha, but this is so delicious, I could taste the matcha quite strong. Don't forget to mix it with the famous fried chocolate mars bar and also the cute mini marshmallows, it's such a nice presentation tho.

Premium Blueberry Yukidaruma (58k). It's one of the variant of Yukidaruma Matsuri Kakigoori. It contains Premium Fruity : boba, coconut jelly, fruit jelly, cheese pop mochi, candy mochi, a half ice mochi and blueberry syrup. OMG does it look uber cute? Please welcome the famous Mr. Snowman shape shaved ice served with various toppings as you can see on many instagrammers' photos. I like it tastes pretty decent and wise, but not yet as beautiful as its presentation. The cookiesncream mochi and cheese pop mochi were the best. 

Here are several spot at Shirayuki :

 Next time I come here, I'll definitely try em!!! *These are other people's next to my table.

Special thanks to Shirayuki - Mrs. Marina for inviting JiF to have a great lunch and scrumptious desserts!:)

Overall, I enjoyed my lunch accompanied with nice desserts at Shirayuki. In Jakarta, the number of restaurants and cafes are growing rapidly, and not to mention, many of them just offer a nicely interior place and not consider the taste of the food when food lovers definitely look for delicious food. However, Shirayuki, the newly opened bistro & dessert place, proves it wrong. They not only serve good desserts, but also good savory dishes. The price is also affordable and not expensive since they provide high quality ingredients for the food. I think that they should maintain its consistency of the food, and add more inovation every some time period so people won't get bored ;) Personally I won't get bored to come back to Shirayuki hihi. So my conclusion is that Shirayuki become one of the must visit list in PIK neighbourhood. FYI, to avoid long queue, you'd better come not at lunch or dinner time, better earlier or later, but most of all, the pretty desserts worth the wait.

Rukan Emerald PIK
Ph: 021- 240 80570

As a bonus, here is a short video of Mr. Snowman :

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