St. Germain by Cacaoté

Please welcome the sister of the well-known Cacaoté, St. Germain by Cacaoté. They not only serve modern Western food, but also all-day brunch menu and also appetizing patisserie which you can find at Cacaoté. From the outside, I can't resist not to fall in love with their classic yet elegant interior, especially the classy chandeliers. How about the food? Scroll-down to find out in case you're curious enough.

Caesar Salad (75k). Classic caesar salad served with baby romaines, yoghurt sumac dressing, and grilled chicken. Caesar salad is one of my fav salad, and for me this was so good. The grilled chicken was the star of the bowl! It was delish, juicy yet tender and grilled well. I think salad without great dressing would be nothing, surprisingly, this youghurt sumac nicely complimented the salad. Maybe the price might be quite pricey for a bowl of salad, but this is totally worth it and the portion was generous tho.

Wild Mushroom Soup (60k). Mixed with chives chantilly and served with 2 mini brioches. The wild mushroom soup was seasoned generously and mixed with chives chantilly. It's such a hearty and warming soup, perfect for rainy day!

Duck Leg Confit (135k). Served with french beans, roasted potato, and cranberry sauce. It's basically a famous French dish, made with duck leg. Well, this duck leg confit was impressed me with the beautiful presentation and the modern taste. Unfortunately, the skin wasn't crispy as I expected. However, the duck leg was cooked very well, but some parts of the meat wasn't seasoned well. For the french beans, roasted potato were just okay while the cranberry sauce was suitable as a great compliment for the duck leg confit.

Crispy Pork Belly (140k). Served with pork croquette, pancetta, rhubarb, and star anise jus sauce. I really love the classy fine-dining style presentation of the pork belly. The taste? Geez.. This was so so GOOD. The pork belly was cooked into perfection, so juicy tender yet very flavorful, morever, with the star anise jus sauce. Nevertheless, I was still wondering why the pork belly skin wasn't crispy at all as it should've been, whereas the name of the menu contains 'crispy'. They should pay more attention to the details. At the end, honestly, I felt so sinful after eating this! But I do like it. Ah!


Raspberry Vanilla. I'm a fan of vanilla but not savory things lover, but when I saw the 'vanilla' thing on the raspberry vanila cake, I decided to give it a try. The texture of the cake was so soft and moist. Besides, the top layer of the cake was too savory for me, but it's understandable because they use no artificial flavors.

Cacaoté. The name of the cake is the same with the restaurant, so I bet this is their special best-seller cake. Yeah, that was so true. Now, look at that mouth-watering photo! It was delicious as well as its inviting look. The chocolate cake itself was richly scrumptious.

Some pics of their eye-catching interior :

Overall, I do love their classy yet beautiful restaurant. Moreover, you don't need to dress formal because it's not a fine-dining restaurant, but it's more like a semi fine-dining where you can wear smart casual or semi formal dress code. Most of the food are delish yet above standard, the taste has no doubt since they are managed by the well-known Cacaoté. The service was pretty fast and friendly enough. For the price, maybe it's quite pricey, but I think it's reasonable since they only use high grade fresh ingredients for the food and the place offers you a nice atmosphere with the victorian theme interior, which made you feel like in French ambiance. Anyway, the place is quite small, better make a RSVP if you don't want to be on the waiting list! Good job St. Germain :)

St. Germain by Cacaoté
Grand Indonesia UG Fl. East Mall
Ph: 021- 2358 0018


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