As Indonesian, whatever-wherever-whenever you eat, you will love Indonesian food. Few days ago, JiF visited a well-known Indonesian Restaurant which is the same group with Sate Khas Senayan, called TeSaTe Restaurant. Located at strategic Menteng area, I bet this restaurant is always full-packed at lunch office time. TeSaTe also has another 2 branches; Pacific Place and Plaza Senayan. What makes this Menteng branch is different is that it has its own building, with modern minimalist and luxurious style. Well, first of all, let me show you their classy yet elegant interiors :


The restaurant building is divided into 3 floors; Ground, 1st, and 2nd Floor. Each floor has its own theme. Ground floor is decorated mostly with woods, natural rocks, and glasses. VIP room is located on this floor too. The 1st floor is the main entrance and has 2 sections; indoor and outdoor dining area. Last, the best spot of this building is the 2nd floor. This floor is quite spacious and ideal for formal events, meetings, birthday party, etc. I really love being on this floor, since the area is surrounded by the glass walls the lighting is very good, suitable for photography flatlay. Look at the eye-catching stairs! Simply, beautiful in white.

Let's go to the F&B :

LEFT : Tebu (41k). In english called, sugarcane. The sugarcane juice is balanced sweet, served cold with ice cubes. Perfect for hot weather!
RIGHT : Tjampolay (41k) - mixed with coffee. It was my first time trying this unique juice. Honestly it's a bit hard to describe the taste, because it tasted so unique, not like common fruits. Well, it tasted sweet, and also a bit savory like butter with coffee flavor, but it's still nice for my tounge.

Nasi Goreng Buntut Bumbu Belacan (132k). Mouth-watering succulent oxtail combined with flavourful belacan fried rice. The belacan fried rice served in generous portion, but unfortunately with small chunks of the oxtail. Honestly, I didn't really taste the spiciness of the fried rice, but I really love the belacan spices, very flavourful yet scrumptious. Fried rice is one of my favorite Indonesian food all the time. And I think, TeSaTe's belacan oxtail fried rice is pretty good.

Sate Sapi Maranggi (124k). Spiced tender beef coated in toasted grated coconut, served on hot plate with live coals. From its name, TeSaTe, I bet their speciality is satay dish. First thing I like is the unique presentation, the satay is served on hot plate with live coals, keeping the satay warm. Second, the satay came with good smells and looked so appetizing. At first I thought the beef may be a bit tough, but I was definitely wrong, it's super juicy and tender, easy to fell off from the sticks. The beef was marinated very well, combined with rich spices and toasted with grated coconut. If you're bored with ordinary chicken satay, try this!

Pisang Gulung (64k). Raja banana, rolled up in crispy pastry, topped with a scoop of coconut ice cream. It's a simple dessert dish with delightful taste. They use raja banana which is sweet enough to make my tummy smiles. Even the crispy pastry, crunchy and well-cooked. Don't forget to eat the crispy banana with the ice cream together. Unfortunately, for 3 pcs of pisang gulung, I think a dollop of coconut ice cream is not enough, they should add more or at least make the size bigger :P



Overall, I think TeSaTe is a brilliant idea for introducing the richness of Indonesian herbs & spices with wide variety of scrumptious Indonesian food to Jakarta citizens. Under the same group management with the famous Sate Khas Senayan, TeSaTe offers a different presentation from the wide food selections to the luxurious atmosphere. Even though the price is much higher than SKS, they only use high quality ingredients for the food, and also with elegant ambiance which you rarely can find in any other Indonesian restaurant. It's such a nice place to meet up with your clients, have lunch or dinner with your lovely family, or maybe just for hang out with your friends. Got it?

TeSaTe Restaurant - Menteng
Jl. Sam Ratulangi no.39 Menteng
Ph: 021- 3193 1250


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