De Ploeit Café

Another hang-out place located at North Jakarta, De Ploeit Café. If you're passing by Pluit Selatan road, then you probably recognize a building named De Ploeit Centrale, just opposite Toyota showroom. There's a humble café with indoor and outdoor (for smoking) area on the 2nd floor of the building. Well, let's check it out!

What I had for my lunch here :

Nachos (24.5k). Nachos served with tomato salsa salad, topped with smoked beef, cheese, and lettuce. I like the crispiness of the nachos, but somehow I felt it was quite dry because the cheese wasn't melting and there was no dressing for the lettuce. If you like tomato salsa, then you can use it as additional dressing for the nachos. In my opinion, this should've been a great dish if they could add more dressing so it wasn't dry anymore.

Eggs Benn (33k). The American classic one. If you're seeing this maybe you think this isn't an eggs benedict, believe it or not this is what I thought at first, but this is surely an eggs benn which looks like either egg McMuffin (McD's) or egg sandwich. The presentation was quite tempting, even though the egg was cooked well-done inside, the bread was fluffy enough and the sauce was pretty good. A simple breakkie dish for you!

Sop Buntut Bakar Balado (70k). The balado oxtail soup came with slices of mouth-watering balado oxtail, served in vegetable soup with clear beef broth. This popular Indonesian dish was accompanied with white rice, green chilli, fried shallots, tomato, cucumber, and emping crackers. Unfortunately, the balado was a bit too salty and not spicy enough for my tounge. However, the oxtail was great, with juicy-tender texture, easy to chew.

Spicy Chicken Rice Bowl (40k). It consists of fragrant buttered rice, spicy fried chicken fillet, fried egg, and raw onion. Actually it's a simple dish but I do love it! The buttered rice was aromatic and flavorful, moreover with the crispy-tender-yummy fried chicken fillet. I think they could make it perfect with changing the raw onion into shredded cabbage with little mayo dressing. Lastly, make the egg runny! My FAV!

Espresso Lava (22k). Espresso accompanied with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This dessert looks like affogato. Perfect combination between the ice cream and coffee. So refreshing! Suitable for current hot weather!

Hot Café Latte (27.5k). They only use high quality coffee with rich and authentic taste. The taste? Such a great coffee.

What a unique way to enjoy your coffee, isn't it? Yes, you definitely have to try this "Siphon Coffee Brewing". What is it? There are the steps how it works :
1. Fill the siphon's "bulb" with water
2. Place the heat source (for ex. spirit alcohol lamp) under the siphon's bulb
3. Wait until the water boils, and rise up into the hopper- where the coffee is
4. Let the coffee brew itself
5. Then, remove the heat source and stir the coffee
6. Wait another minute or so until the coffee draw downward and rest in the bulb
7. Don't worry the coffee grounds were left on the top
8. Enjoy your coffee!

How was it? Awesome taste with flavorful aroma and came with very light taste and not bitter at all. And very suitable for you who doesn't like strong coffee. Give yourself a try now!

De Ploeit Café
Pluit Selatan Raya Blok Q no.1
De Ploeit Centrale 2nd Floor
Ph: 021- 666 70811


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