Georgia Cuisine

Georgia Cuisine

*NEW PLACE ALERT* Another eye-catching yet modern café just opened at SOGO Central Park Mall, 1st Floor. Named as Georgia Cuisine, they proudly bring Indonesian blasteran cuisine into Western fusion food. The interior is dominated with white, gold, and soft violet to make contrast with chic & modern twist- look at the cute house-shaped table! 

As it's still their soft opening, they currently only serve pastries and cakes along with various drinks, such as coffee, fresh juice, etc. Good news for you: their kitchen is on PROGRESS, so you gotta wait to try their main course SOON!

Cakalang Ciabatta. It's one of their best-sellers, anyway based on their tagline "Indonesian blasteran cuisine", this cakalang ciabatta was a proof! Even though the fish was a bit spicy for my tounge, it was delish and flavorful along with the ciabatta. 

Foccasia Sunny Side Up. Another unique creation of their signature pastries, you can enjoy perfect sunny side up egg on the top of the sandwich. 

Garlic Cheese Charcoal Bread. The bread was sliced into several parts with cheeses between them. I could taste the cheese and garlic at the same time, moreover with soft texture of the charcoal bread. It was nice!

Vanilla Croissant Crème Brulee. Basically, it was a crème brulee pie tart with vanilla croissant on top of it. The texture was perfect, and I really love that they add little bluberry in it. My favorite! Not too sweet yet enjoyable.

Banana Nougatine Cake. Sweet soft chiffon cake, combined with caramelized banana and peanut butter. This one was another my favorite! The cake was very moist, not too sweet, and I could taste the mixture of banana & peanut butter very well. RECOMMENDED!

Gold Chocolate Cake. The cake looked so pretty yet elegant with the gold dust touch. The chocolate was very rich, unfortunately a bit too overpowering my tastebud, but for you who's into chocolate, would like it I guess.

Georgia Cuisine
@SOGO Central Park Mall, 1st Floor (besides Sports Station)
West Jakarta

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