You need the best and professional drill well services.  

 It cannot be denied that the cost of drilling wells per meter from well drilling services is indeed quite expensive.  So it is very natural that people who can make artesian wells are people with large scale businesses with qualified budget capabilities.  Then what is the actual cost of drilling wells per meter, determined by the wellbore services.  First as the reader who intends to make the artesian well must know that there are packaged wells and not packages.  For package fees it is usually applicable to drill wells around 30 meters - 100 meters deep.  The cost offered also varies from the price of 800.000 thousand / meters to 1.600.000 thousand / meters depending on the factors that influence.

 Whereas the cost of the well bore per meter offered by the wellbore service per package includes the workmanship costs, pipe costs.  There are even services that offer a complete package fee with well-drilled engine pumps.  Meanwhile, what if you want to drill deeper wells with a depth of more than 100 meters.  So what you have to do is negotiate the cost of the well bore per meter as best as possible with the borehole service.  Costs that are outside the package usually fall more expensive.  Because you have to provide the cost of pipes, pumping machines, pipe connections, construction costs and others.

 Factors Affecting the Cost of a Bore Well in Meters in a Professional Drilling Well Service. 

 Speaking of the cost of bore wells per meter, with a multiple of a minimum depth of 30-meter the requirements of wellbore services are indeed quite fantastic.  The current minimum amount of money you have to spend to make a wellbore is 8 million to 50 million rupiah.  Even for the depth of the 100-meter bore well it reaches 830 million to 900 million rupiah with many factors affecting.  If for large scale businesses such as apartments, shopping malls, flats, family entertainment venues, water costs are not a problem.  If seen from the investment, the business alone is worth billions to trillions of rupiah.

 So the cost of drilling wells per meter even for 200-meter depths is not a big problem.  When viewed from the drilling of wells it is undeniable that the role of water for human life is very important.  Even every day human activities can not be separated from the name water.  For daily needs, consumption (drinking), for running a business, and much more.  Especially if your business has a high potential for visits from consumers and customers.  Water facilities must be there, because the metabolism of the human body every minimum 1-2 hours will get rid of impurities.  Either urinating, or defecating must be experienced every day by anyone.  So the big business has to make a wellbore with the cost of a wellbore per meter which is not a big problem.

 However, as a customer of the wellbore service you must collect information on the cost of the wellbore per meter from many sources.  The aim is to get the best price offer from the wellbore services in Indonesia.  In addition, you also have to guarantee the legality of the business from the borehole service related to work accountability.  As a consumer you know why the cost of a wellbore per meter is quite expensive.  Because the work done is not easy, must be careful about the existing underground system.  Starting from septic tanks, gas pipes, government PDAM pipes, telephone cables, electric cables and many more.  Your reference is to the mud disaster of PT Lapindo Berantas which already knows dozens, beginning with drilling activities.  For that, as a consumer of a borehole service, you must know the factors that influence the cost of a borehole per meter, are:

 Location or Area of ​​Making Well Drilling

 The first factor affecting the cost of the wellbore per meter is the location of the manufacturing area.  The farther the location of making the wellbore from the domicile borehole office, the cost also adjusts.  But many of the consumers who are eager to use professional services, even though far from where the bore wells are made.  The aim is that the process of making the wellbore runs smoothly according to the procedure wherever the place is.  For large scale businesses, the issue of the cost of drilling wells per meter is not a significant problem.

 Difficulty Level of Soil Contour Location for Drilling Well

 Furthermore the factors that influence the cost of the wellbore per meter, is the level of difficulty of the wellbore contour.  Usually the borehole service party divides the difficulty level of the region into 3, namely lowlands, medium plains or highlands.  Each region in the country of Indonesia has a different level of rock hardness.  There are rocks with low hardness, there are harder rocks on it, and the location of the rocks is very hard.  The more difficult the contour of the land where the wellbore is made, the more expensive the cost of the wellbore per meter.  For the difficulty level of medium to high land contour locations, borehole services usually set a minimum price of 800,000 / meter.  Because the work they do is also getting tougher of course.

 Diameter of Drilling Well Casing To Be Made

 The third factor affecting the cost of the well bore per meter, is in terms of the diameter of the well casing to be made.  The diameter of the casing is adjusted to the diameter of the water pipe that will be planted later.  The casing pipe sizes range from 2-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch, 6 inch, up to 8 inch.  The larger the diameter of the wellbore casing size, the more expensive the cost must be incurred by the consumer.

 Depth of the Drilling Well

 Equally important and the first factor affecting the size of the cost of a wellbore per meter, is the depth of the wellbore.  The use of sophisticated machinery in making bore wells, certainly has a high risk.  The deeper the size of the wellbore, the more careful work must be done.  Professional borehole services usually charge prices for a minimum depth of 30-meters and above.  If the depth of the well to be made is more than 100 meters, it would not hurt you to negotiate a hard price with the service.

 Quality of Pipeline Materials and Other Equipment Materials

 And the last factor that influences the cost of the wellbore per meter, is the quality of the pipeline and other equipment.  Usually well drill services throughout Indonesia set the price of packages and non-packages.  So if you choose a non-package price, then you can determine the quality of pipes and other wellbore equipment.  It doesn't hurt you to use good quality pipes, so they don't get damaged easily.  And no less important is that you adjust the budget you have.  For large scale businesses, the issue of cost is not a significant problem.

 Find the Best Well Drilling Services in Indonesia by Offering the Best Drilling Cost Per Meter

 The explanation of the cost of drilling wells per / meter and the things that affect the cost have been explained by the author above.  Next is you find the best well drilling services in Indonesia with the best price offer.  The best reference from the author of the well drilling service is services.  Speaking of cost issues, you don't need to worry, because you can do the best possible negotiations with  In addition, the service is very experienced, and this professional also has a price package for making the best drill wells for its consumers.  The clear legal legality of services need not be doubted, because it has eaten the salt of drilling life for 22 years.

 Drilling services not only make drill wells, but also sell drill equipment, drill tools, and other drill equipment maintenance services.  Not only proficient in making boreholes but also proficient in construction services, bore piles, soil tests etc.  The domicile of service office is in Bandung Regency, West Java.  To get a description of the exact address and service number for consultation please see  Because services bore wells with the best cost of drilling wells per meter.

You need the best and professional drill well services.  


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